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About Wisdom Knot Consulting Nyansapo: What is a Wisdom Knot?

Nyansapo is an Akan word that means 'wisdom knot'. The symbol depicting four interlocking loops tied as a knot is one of a large family of symbols known as Adinkra, curated by the Akan people of Ghana.

Nyansapo refers to intelligence, wisdom, ingenuity, and learning. At Wisdom Knot Consulting, we strive to bring together the experiences of our collaborators with practical knowledge. By creating a culture of learning and collaboration, our expertise will tell your story.

Meet Dorothy

Dorothy has extensive experience in design, evaluation, change management and engagement. With two decades of expertise in a range of health, social, government, and community sectors, her contributions have reached a range of audiences. Using participatory and collaborative approaches, her interest in elevating the stories of emerging groups and organizations has guided successful projects and partnerships. Dorothy values taking part in community and engages in volunteer efforts from school council to career mentorship for newcomers to Canada.


Dorothy Agbetiafa, Founder &
Principal, Wisdom Knot Consulting

Commitment to Excellence

Drawing from decades of experience in health, research, government, community and stakeholder engagement, and multi-sectoral partnerships to serve organizations.

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Purposeful Engagement

I bring an extensive knowledge in evaluating a variety of programs. This makes it easier to assess all the necessary factors and your results to create culturally responsive approaches to your patients and communities.

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